Types Of Outdoor Landscapes And Their Elements

Have you considered making a landscaping upgrade to your front yard or backyard?

What type of landscaping suits your taste?

Here are a few different types of landscaping styles to inspire you, and their respective origins.


  • English Landscape

The English landscaping style is a well-known and common landscaping option that shifts from formal, symmetrical gardens to a looser, irregular style. The style was inspired by historical painting and its design has been influenced by many factors such as history, philosophy and science. The common characteristics of this landscape are: Lakes & Water Features, Rolling lawns, Tree Groves, Sculptures, structured paths and shade structures & gazeebos.

  • Formal Landscape

A formal landscape is composed of symmetrical clean lines. It is created using geometrical shapes, planned out sections and divisions, and it’s all about straight edges and long sight lines. Formal landscaping, while needing to be well planned, is versatile and the characteristics of the space can be adapted to suit your outdoor space. The common characteristics of this landscaping style are: Varying plant size, A Focal Point, Structured Color, Scale and Geometry (clean lines), Texture variation, and Natural stones or features to produce shapes & edges.

  • Informal Landscape

Informal Landscaping is obviously the opposite of Formal Landscape. Informal Landscaping is naturalistic and includes: asymmetrically and loosely placed design elements, naturally shaped plants and beds, curved spaces, rustic-looking furnishings, with more casual path coverings – like paving, decking and even bark. It can be flowery and colorful or low key to suit the personality of the gardener. This landscaping is also low maintenance, saving on maintenance expenses.

  • Woodland Landscape

If you are looking for a nature-feel for your front yard or backyard landscape, this landscape style is for you. If you have little shrubs, large trees or wooded areas in your vicinity those are great for creating a Woodland Landscape. Woodland landscaping is a low-budget type of design that needs mild to low maintenance while also making a positive contribution to your natural environment by allowing nature to do it’s thing. A well planned Woodland landscape provides a valuable wildlife habitat and creates cool and calming areas during summer.

  • Oriental Landscape

Inspired by an Asian garden, Oriental Landscaping is perfect for homeowners who want to have a calm and serene landscape. Oriental landscaping relies solely on natural materials and features to transform a garden. You can include a few traditional Asian elements in your design or go all out and create an authentic Japanese garden with built structures, water features and earthy tones. The main idea is making the most of nature and keeping embellishments to a well planned minimum. Here are the elements you should consider when creating this landscape: Keep it simple, use rocks & timber, highlight water and add authentic accessories.


These are just a selection of landscaping styles that are seen most commonly in professionally designed gardens.
Designing a landscape can be time consuming and costly but the results can change the facade and feel of your home (not to mention increase it’s value)!


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